The Manscape Lawnmower 4.0 Hair Trimmer and fourth-generation shaver, has everything a man would love. From the protective guards to the friendly hand-held design for easy movement in contoured areas. The blades are very sharp and made of ceramic, offset by 33 mm for a close, comfortable, smooth shave. The boxed package contains the shaver, which is an appealing matte black, bordered in gold with white lettering. 

When you have a manufacturer that knows what they want in a product design. It’s never too many times to test it, nor has it taken too long to bring it to market. Only when the shaver has been tested to guarantee consumer safety, maximum performance, comfortable in hand, and is esthetically pleasing to the eye, will it be considered being released to the public for sale.  

Jeanne Mamdu of ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth is paid a commission on all Amazon Products sold on this site.

Customer satisfaction at its highest is what matters. “We obsessively engineered the ultimate groin and body trimmer by focusing on intelligent functionality and an incredibly comfortable grooming experience.” ~ Manscape.  Available on Amazon



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