Trust Your Gut

By the end of 2022, my vision became clear. As a writer you want your first novel to be a winner and cast you as a published author. Yet, it takes time, a lot of time for a novice. Thank God, I have more talents, that will earn me an income. Therefore, I decided to revisit a business I am educated, skilled, and familiar with, and one that I enjoy.  I invite you to follow me as I bring ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth, into the limelight of moisturizing, fragrant natural - organic body butter creams that heal, regenerate skin cells, and will have your skin appear age-less.
We will not banter with hyperbole or fluff. Our esthetic knowledge and training guide us, and customers and their testimonies tell what ShaNuWater has done for their skin. They are the proof in the pudding.

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