Polyglutamic Acid

In summary, polyglutamic acid is indeed a fascinating peptide with diverse applications, whether synthesized by microbes or extracted from plants. Its ability to hold moisture as a polyester makes it an exciting ingredient in skincare formulations!  When it
  1. Plant Extraction:
    • While γ-PGA is primarily associated with microbial fermentation, it can also be extracted from seeds of certain plants. The natural organics, for skincare has a variety of avenues to achieving younger looking skin, and defying the aged appearance associated with lines deep set wrinkles. My favorite is hyaluronic acid. Until today, hyaluronic acid has been the creme de la creme in anti-aging serums.
    • It indeed has not lost its position for being a super hydrating glycosaminoglycan present within the skin naturally and which contributes to optimal moisture used in natural skin cosmetics. Direct application of both serums offers additional support. What it comes down to is, which of these great anti-aging serums you prefer.
    • Polyglutamic is the newest skincare miracle on the block. In comparison to Hyaluronic Acid, "PGA has been found to retain moisture even better than HA." Cityskinclinic.com
    • https://amzn.to/49ESd1p

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