Arrival Of Bloom Botanical Yoni Soaps

Get ready to experience the thrill of entrepreneurship with a passion - driven brand. Discover custom-designed products made with fresh, natural ingredients, crafted to order for maximum efficacy. Enjoy a 6 - months to 1 - year shelf life. The best part are these lotions, creams and body butters are rich, power packed, and filled with active oxidants and anti-aging emollients that attract moisture to the skin and holds it. 


Our privately branded Yoni and Beauty Bar Soaps. BLOOMING BOTANICALS will grace our store shelves soon. Get ready to indulge in the purest, most effective skincare experience ever. Stay tuned, and let the countdown begin! These pure and gentle soaps contain only nature's best essential oils. Eliminates order and are very easy to use.

The VJJ is a miraculous organ that is self - sufficient in cleaning itself. However, there are times a little extra help is needed, and this is where our beloved Blooming Botanicals come into play. After the menstrual cycle, Intercourse, or vaginal infection. Special attention is given cleaning the canal and folds binging your flower back to its fresh beginning. *Our Blooming Botanicals and the Essential Oils Contained in, are Proven for Their Anti-Bacterial Efficacy in Assisting Anti Inflammation, Reduces Pore Size. The Same Way it Does for the Face, Anywhere There Are Hair Follicles. What These Yoni Bars Do Best Is, Cleanse Leaving You Feeling Beautiful and Fresh.

Bloom Botanical Yoni Cleansing Bars.


Yoni bars bring the pH level back to normal. Apple cider vinegar or aloe vera may be used for this purpose. The rose bar and other botanicals Calendula, chamomile, and rose petals offer mild antiseptic effects. We suggest an allergy test be performed before use. Also be gentle when using not to scratch the delicate feminine area that may cause inflammation. Generally, these bars in their design are safe and offer several benefits vs regular soap. Clays like bentonite or kaolin are often added to yoni soaps. They help absorb impurities, detoxify, and provide a silky texture.


JaNala Mamdu, is the visionary behind ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth. Her patience in designing a product that suits your specific skincare needs are stellar accomplishments. You can't go wrong with the formulas and natural active ingredients used in each product designed to do more than moisturize and the product reviews back this up.100%. She is indeed the proof in the pudding. A great-grandmother, Ja'Nala exemplifies a healthy lifestyle sincere appreciation care for her skin as shown by her youthful appearance.