Collaboration Formed November 20, 2023

Dear Friends and Followers,

Exciting news!

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between Alex Knowles of AIR3 and Ja'Nala Mamdu of Shanuwater Fountain of Youth.

AIR3 is dedicated to activating, inspiring, and restoring clients to become Fit and Fabulous over 40 through exercise and nutrition.

ShanuWater Fountain of Youth designs organic skin-care products for those aged 50 and over.

Together, Alex and Ja'Nala are joining forces to provide a holistic approach to wellness. Stay tuned for joint programs and exclusive offers tailored to meet your needs. Follow us for daily inspiration and sneak peeks into our collaborations.

Join us on this journey to unlock your fullest potential and embrace a vibrant lifestyle.

Wishing you health, happiness, and radiance,
The Teams at AIR3 and ShanuWater Fountain of Youth.

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