Nature's Wealth Is Our Health


Nature is abundant in life-giving resources, carefully crafted for the human and animal species to survive and thrive within a perfectly designed ecosystem. In this brilliant containment of life, the sun shines bright, providing energy to the planet and all living creatures. Trees, grasses, fungi bushes, the minerals found in the soil, and water that flows down streams forming lakes and ponds, all work in harmony to produce oxygen, supporting the delicate balance of our atmosphere.

ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth was created to continue the benefits of nature and combine these essential ingredients into our anti-aging moisturizing formulations. In essence, we're bottling the brilliance of nature's harmony. The sun's energy as it regenerates new life, and the hydration from water lends its moisturizing. Nourishment to the skin is highlighted through the variety of plants and the antioxidant, anti-inflammation and nature's oils having the ability to heal annoying skin irritations and leave lingering aromatic scents swirling in the senses.  

These natural (plants, soil, minerals, fungi and vitamins) residents of earth, combine their wisdom to revitalize and renew our skin. Our products are infused with the same balance and synergy found in nature, to bring you healthy, radiant - looking - ageless skin that glows.

As we embrace the beauty of nature, we find solace in its tranquility, wisdom in its rhythms, and hope in its resilience. Let us cherish and protect this precious gift, for it is the very foundation of our existence.


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