Mixology Or Alchemy?

Am I An Alchemist?

Alchemy was born in ancient Egypt, where the word Khem was used concerning the fertility of the flood plains around the Nile. Now to be perfectly honest, I know that I am. When I started on the journey to find the true meaning of Alchemy. The definition and what ancestry first developed the term. Everyone claims to be the first in their particular interest: The Africans, Egyptian, Greeks, Jews, Muslims, (but later dismissed), and Germans.

My definition: An alchemist can scientifically combine naturally organic substances that produce a product of beneficial uses for land, man, animal, or the environment. Therefore, ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth, along with mother nature’s ingredients, produces emollients that are beneficial to the skin’s abilities in helping to heal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Free radicals exist in our environments such as wind and water that dry, and the sun that burns. Our formula helps acne-prone skin by lessening pore size as well, as softening and removing the itch from those with eczema.

The harsh chemicals in our domestic cleaning products and some of the prescribed medications, we use are not kind to the skin. Our products have removed the redness and rough, dehydrated, and scaly patches for a lovelier, smooth, youthful radiance.

Soon our store will be opened, and our virtual shelves stocked with products you and your skin will love.

JaNala Mamdu - Owner

ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth LLC



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