I Am Not New To This. I Am True To This

I love this life @ 50Plus & Beautiful how can I not? Being healthy and knowing there is a loving, protective power outside of myself guiding me to the reality that I can help others achieve longevity in mind, body, and spirit just by being an example.

My passion is to share ways of what it takes to have healthy, ageless, and beautiful skin. I understand as many do that, it takes a 360-degree approach which includes a clean pollutant-free (those we can control) lifestyle. Free radicals exist everywhere, and it is nearly impossible to exclude them as we live our day-to-day lives. To understand free radicals and how they harm our skin. I've listed the definitions and areas that affect our bodies.

Definition: Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that are made by the body naturally as a byproduct of normal metabolism, and can also be made by the body after exposure to toxins in the environment such as:

  1. Tobacco smoke
  2. Ultra-violet light or UV rays.
  3. Oxidation

Oxidation is one of the main contributors to the aging process. I've stated before it all starts from the inside out. As we age our bodies go through biological changes. Women go through menopause "The depletion of ovarian follicles leads to permanent loss of estrogen, and progesterone, another hormone involved in the menstrual cycle, as well the loss of collagen." These lead to saggy, wrinkled, spotty, crepe, and blemished skin.

Men on the other hand begin to lose muscle mass and develop the dreaded spare tire. "It's important to stay active with weight training to slow muscle and bone loss and boost testosterone levels. Just as in women, and men your skin will get thinner, you'll experience slower wound healing, and become sensitive to the cold. When outdoors wear sunscreen even when you don't see the sun. ~ Treat any cuts or scrapes you get immediately. Crusty, rough patches, known as solar keratosis, become more common after the age of 45. Since this is considered a precancerous condition, talk to your doctor about whether a skin cancer screening is warranted. If you discover any change in your skin, see your dermatologist" Canyonranch

Things We Can Do to Fight the Effects of Free Radicals.

Exercise, and drink the right amount of fluids every day. Eat nutritious meals, with more vegetables and fruit, than meat, take vitamin supplements, use sunscreen while outdoors, watch your weight, limit sugar, salt, and alcohol consumption, and Do Not Smoke. Finally keep your skin clean, toned, and moisturized, with anti-aging serums and vitamins. A.C, and E.

My Story Tells of My Passion.

Keeping the skin hydrated with emollients that defy and combat aging is not a secret. I've been given the gift of knowing how to formulate a well-balanced combination of ingredients that love and work well with any skin type. 

When I first began in 2006, I mixed and tested skincare materials. I had no clue what I was doing. I discovered that plant-based ingredients, including plant extracts, were the best ingredients for the skin. Why? "We are made from cells. Humans and plants are both eukaryotes meaning we contain a nucleus. We belong to the same domain, eukaryotes (plasma, cytoplasm, and ribosomes), but in different kingdoms."

We are two creations that depend on each other for life, and we are both from the Earth designed by a grand intelligence, Allah. Plants and humans both reproduce to ensure the continuation of the species.

The first product I made was a cream. It was luscious, thick, and smooth. My skin glowed and it smelled like a baby (Baby Powder - Vanilla). At the time I still worked at a large communication company. Soon my peers were asking what I was doing differently to my face. It did not dawn on me; it was the cream I had designed. I initially thought it was my make-up. Had I used a different shade of foundation or lipstick? No.

One lady wanted to touch my face. She said, "Your face is glowing, and it is so soft. That's when it hit me. The Cream! 

Another co-worker said, "Well whatever it is, I want some." That was the start of my unofficial skincare business, and alhamdulillah, from there it grew. I was soon making lotions, scrubs, (soaps, bath bombs), with the help of my daughter's creative abilities, body wash, and cocoa butter cupcakes. Not the kind you eat, rather they are smoothed over the body. Hence, in 2006, Shimmer's Natural Bath and Body was born. My first skincare company.


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