FAMILIFE - Well Groomed Feet And Toe Nails

When it comes to having well-groomed hands and feet the FAMILIFE Manicure Kit comes close to being perfect and one all men would love to have as an essential part of his grooming tools. The eleven-piece Nail Kit, and comes with 1x Fingernail Clipper, 1x Toenail Clipper, 1x Cuticle Nipper, 1x Obtuse Push Broach, 1X Nail File, 1x Eyebrow Tweezers, 1x V-Shape Push Stick, 1x Ingrown Toenail Clipper, 1xBeauty Scissors, 1xCuticle Knife, 1xEar Pick, equipped with men's manicure pedicure set care tools for hands, feet, and face.

Thought this multifaceted nail grooming kit says for men. The name FAMILIFE, tells it all. Women, and teenagers would find this compact fortress of grooming accessories a treat and a must have for their tidying up collected dirt under the nails, cutting back cuticles, clipping ragged nails, and nose hairs.  Ladies, if you're like myself, we hate having unsightly chin hairs. Well, we can take care of these in a squeeze. No pun intended. 

The FAMILIFE manicure set is a great traveling companion. Its sleek PU leather design will fit into a purse, toiletry pouch, computer bag, and even your pocket. The light stainless-steel design of each tool fits comfortably into each slot. *Reminder. To remove from pockets, before going through TSA. It would be best to pack in your luggage as not to delay your travel. FAMILIFE has thought of everything. A cloth covering is located in the middle so, the tools do not rub against each other when the packaging is closed; Keeping them scratch free. FAMILIFE is truly a great gift for graduations, groomsmen gifts, holiday gift giving, birthdays and the list goes on. Actually, you can also give the gift as just thinking of you. Anytime is the right time to give a FAMILIFE Manicure and Pedicure as a gift. Set it alongside all your other beauty health and personal care accessories. The attractive packaging will add depth.


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