Growth As A Person And Business Owner

A very important step I've taken signals a new dawn for my personal and business growth. A mindful and thorough pause needs to happen. Think, outside of myself, and figure out how to go forward. I need another mind to assist me. I cannot do this alone, I need help.

While I took a break from creating labels for ShanuWater Fountain of Youth's new products. I scrolled through TikTok, Instagram, and FB. A banner appeared. Nicky Verd was hosting a live on LinkedIn. "Beyond Formal Qualifications." I came in a little late. However, the remaining time was a mahogany box filled with gems. Dropping from one jewel and then another, sharing their experiences, successes, and vulnerabilities. It was very much a human experience. There were no canned or rehearsed responses. These professionals spoke from the heart in a thoughtful, measured, respectful, and efficient manner.

These conversations ignited a fire, in me and switched on a light that, had turned dull, becoming overshadowed by doubt. What was it that drew me to be there at that particular time and space? Usually, I'd see notifications and ignore them, because I'm (alone), busy working the business. Today, was different. I had to attend.

I had been tossing ideations back and forth in my mind. How do I start from here and not regret where I end up? It's very difficult when you have no one to bounce your ideas off and receive their opinion. Is the idea a viable one?

By my attending the webinar, I learned. It's not always what I think is the resolution. There are other minds, talents, and, skills available and here to help you obtain where it is you're headed. What is the old saying? "No Man is an Island." I'm learning to lean in, reach out, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

In Sha Allah, I will be obtaining a Disruptor & Transformation Coach. I'd say this is a major step toward my elevation and future business success. ~ Ja'Nala Mamdu, Owner, C.O.O., ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth, & Life Long Learner.

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