1. Every year the cosmetics industry is inundated with updates concerning which ingredients are specified as natural-organic and allowed to use the term Organic and Natural. The informed consumer stays abreast and recognizes these terms. Therefore, we should stay ahead of the game. This is what we at ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth strive to do by researching industry standards and reading what other brands are using in their natural organic products. We also read what consumers say about the products they use.
Ms. Mamdu earned her Esthetician's license from Pitkin's Technical College and Board Certification in the State of CO., in August 2012, and retired in December 2017. She found this career rewarding because of how natural products, plant-based and some such as bovine masks and squalene from the liver of shark ingredients, help produce collagen, and squalene aids intense hydration and moisturization of the epidermis. There were visible results instantly, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and aging. Here she also further developed her product-ingredient knowledge of plants and how they can benefit and relieve the skin's adverse condition.
In 2006, before retiring after 26 years from USwest Communications. Ms.Mamdu and her daughter started a natural bath and body business where her knowledge of plant bases, preservatives, fragrances, nut butter, lotions, and creams came into play. They researched company after company to find what worked and what flagged FDA’s antennas. Being novices and while they had great products, some of the ingredients were not good for the human body. Although many of the ingredients were used widely within the skin care industry, they were harmful when used exorbitantly. When some of the preservatives we found to contain: Propylparaben, ethylparaben, and butylparaben. These parabens are useful and great for the shelf life of a product and that may sit on a shelf for years. It is not ethically advantageous for any industry that values life over profit. Therefore, they decided to do away with these preservatives opting for plant-based options which also prevent mold, and oils from turning rancid and give the products a long shelf life.  
1. Are ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth’s ingredients Cruelty-Free? Yes, all our ingredients are plant-based. We pride ourselves on using the best natural and organic ingredients, without animal testing.
2. When was ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth formed? On November 15, 2022, the launch date was January 2, 2023
3. Are the products manufactured in the USA? Yes, we are a local home-based company, located in Charlotte N.C.
4. Does your company adhere to the FDA product labeling guidelines? Yes, ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth must follow the rules and regulations the FDA has put forth.
5. Are you a licensed skin care professional?  Yes, a retired esthetician and currently a certified skincare consultant, certified by Udemy. 
6. Do your products contain allergens? While our products are natural and organic, different skin types can experience allergic reactions. Therefore, our ingredient labels urge you to test for allergic reactions before use.
7. What Type of Preservatives are in your products? We use raw unfiltered honey vitamin E., and Germall Plus. A 100% plant-based formulation We do not use any chemical preservatives. The products are prepared in-house, in a clean sanitized work area. Our tools and utensils are sanitized in Clorox Bleach overnight and then rinsed in hot water, making sure they are free of bacteria. 
8. How long will it take to see results? You may start to see results in a few days to a week. by following the advice given in the consultation and instructions on the label 
9. When Are the Products Prepared? The product is not prepared until after the order is placed.
10. Can your products be returned? We have a no-return policy. Due to the fact these items are perishable and custom-made. If the package is damaged upon arrival the receiver must provide visible proof by emailing it to Once received and refund is granted. You will receive an in-store credit, for purchase only.
11. Do you offer free shipping? Yes, on domestic orders $75 and above. International shipping guidelines vary for free shipping.