50 Plus & Beautiful Knowledge About Skincare

Having beautiful skin is not a secret. It's a self-care practice. Follow me as I share the regimens that have helped me through the years.

At the age of fifty, I began noticing a lack of moisture, and the radiance was gone from my skin. Although, I had always moisturized something was missing. My skin appeared dull and lifeless. I was too young, to look this aged. I began reading articles on how to revitalize my 50-plus face.

SkinReport.org said, "Retinol cream formulated using high-quality 1% concentration, along with *Soluble Marine Collagen, * Hyaluronic Acid in the form of Sodium Hyaluronate, and Jojoba Oil will yield powerful results."

I know the collagen molecule is too large for our pore size to absorb or have any benefit externally, and will only when taken internally... Next!

"Black women are highly suspicious of Retinoids (Vitamin A), and the effects on their skin. The fear comes from family and friends who've had poor experiences. Of course, this is off-putting and the best thing to do is, to proceed with caution. But in reality, it isn't necessary. Retinoids are not only safe. They are beneficial for darker skin tones, delivering excellent results, especially for issues such as acne and hyperpigmentation." ~ Dija Ayodele, Author, Black Skin, The Definitive Skincare Guide. 2021

I proceeded to order a bottle of liquid vitamin A for anti-aging. I had vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and other essential oils. I designed a cream for myself. It worked so well; I've incorporated it into the ShaNuWater Fountain of Youth product line.

Collagen is as important to me as my fruit, and morning coffee. I no longer have skin that appears dull, loose, and lifeless. The fine lines and wrinkles that define a lengthy life, you will see. However, they've dramatically reduced. My face is smooth, soft, and moist, and the radiance has returned.

As we mature, there is no need to worry. The skin, our largest organ is forgiving. It welcomes new regimens, remedies, exercise, plenty of fluids, and moisturizers to help it gain back elasticity and firmness. The epidermis, the top layer of the skin drinks in essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients giving our skin a supple moisturized appearance.

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